All about Accurro

Founded in 2002, Accurro was originally set up to be a commercial building management systems controls company. Through client-led demand, Accurro rapidly evolved in to a multi-disciplinary team of specialist technical engineers across a spectrum of multiple technologies areas.

Accurro deals mainly with open products and services as this integrates with one of our core principles of ensuring our clients are delivered best-in-class equipment through a counter-party agnostic platform of offerings (rather than a single manufacturer or service provider).

Accurro prides itself with maintaining long standing relationships directly with our clients. Even when working in a contractual chain, Accurro is often involved in direct communication with the end client to ensure a bespoke solution is achieved that meets client objectives.

All our employees are technically minded and able to innovate in problem solving outside core competencies of operation, which can prevent the need for numerous engineers or consultants to provide attendance. In addition, due to the breadth of knowledge, Accurro employees regularly help clients to solve additional problems outside of our scope of works whilst working on their contracted projects.

Accurro is grouped into four main disciplines, IT, Commercial, Residential and Consultancy; although all four disciplines have overlapping services.

Accurro prides itself on its environmental awareness. As well as offering many energy related services to our clients, all staff use public transport where possible, we recycle all redundant electronics within the UK and we act as an Earth Partner for Hewlett Packard. Accurro is proud to state that none of our waste goes to landfill.