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Expert in-house design and consultation for an extensive range of systems


Offering full service and maintenance contracts for all our solutions.


Providing solutions your complete audio and video entertainment needs.


Providing off the shelf or bespoke development for the correct software solution.

Building Management Systems

Specifing, designing, suppling, installing and commissioning a wide variety of building management systems.


Providing a range of products and equipment to fit any situation or scenario.

Systems Validation

Providing full system validation plans, procedures and commissioning management services.


Best utilisation and maximising the potential of cost savings and simplicity through infrastructure design.

Energy Services

Smart metering solutions that can provide real time or historic energy consumption usage


Not tied to any single manufacturer and actively monitoring development of new technology

Hosted services

Providing powerful, feature packed, efficient and easy to use Hosted services.


Working with all technologies and tier vendors, from ADSL and VDSL to Cable, EFM and GEA to Fibre Optic Ethernet

IT Security

Integrating a number of security systems and products in one premium platform called Accurro Managed Protection

Lighting controls

Designing, suppling, installing and commissioning lighting control solutions that will compliment any property

Digital Signage

Providing a full delivery package consisting of the display, the full infrastructure and processing data from the source all the way to the screens and graphics.

Property Estates

Specialising in the convergence of the separate building control sub-systems into one manageable network.

System improvement

Proactively promoting continuous improvements to system operation and efficiency.

Client advocate

Translating technical knowledge into plain English and representing client's best interests in all aspects.

Feasibility Studies

Providing complete management of entire studies prior to any further recommendations being put forward.
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