Commercial Software


One is an easy to use scalable energy billing platform for both small and large property portfolios.

This service provides a hosted solution to both log and invoice customers for utlity usage eliminiating the potential for staff oversight, whilst also allowing for simple, real-time, user friendly monitoring and billing for all utilities.

Example utilities that can be set up for monitoring include: gas, electricity, water and even internet usage. A customisable branded portal allows tenants to log in and view their current meter readings in real time giving peace of mind and easily accessible key information.


Our Two alarming system is a remote monitoring service able to notify specific persons or groups of people in the case of a pre-defined event. Thanks to the smart notification system, events can be routed to only those who require them based off of event severity, time of day and system the event was generated by.

Configurable SLAs allow for customisable response times based on the importance of the event. A simple example of of this is when the chemical levels in a pool drop below the set level. An alarm is then sent to both the maintenance company and the property owner. The configured SLA dictates the time taken before the maintenance company has to respond to the alert, start working on the problem and finally fix the problem; whereas a boiler failure would require much faster response and rectification times.


Three is an extension to our Two alarming system which adds the ability for the collection and analysis of power quality data. With this data it can detect anomalies and show you where your energy usage is coming from in order to help you become more efficient and cut your energy bills.


Four brings a modern, fully integrated registration system to you and your visitors.

Being clean, elegant and light weight, visitors will have no trouble navigating the software and signing in or out. Key features include:

  • Visitor arrival notifications
  • Automatic printing of visitor badges
  • Branded home screen to match your corporate identity
  • Easy visitor management via the dashboard and history search
  • Ability to generate a live roll call of your visitors in case of an emergency

In our studies, compared to a paper book, the number of registered visitors increased by 30% on average after installation.

Four has its own website HERE


Used for remote monitoring, maintenance and support, Porthole allows for protected access between your devices and Accurro's servers using a secure encrypted tunnel.

As Porthole initiates the connection to our servers, your router requires no configuration and your Internet IP address can change without affecting our remote connectivity.